Welcome to the House of Mantis

We are a community that are fans of what one would call "non-consensual" PvP. Our group will often wreak havoc amongst our server creating both allies and enemies alike through our mere craving for PvP. We aim to achieve these goals by following some core virtues we have as a community - leading to many to have found their forever homes. Both PvE and PvPers alike.


All our members have a unique spark to them that actively drives their pursuits. We help foster and grow these flames so that they can become the best version of themselves they can be.


We often achieve our goals with much lesser numbers then what many require multiple hands for. This is because every member actively works towards the guilds unified goals along side each other, thus motivating more efficient results.


Once we've decided to do something. We do not stop or give up until satisfied. We'll dedicate ourselves irrationally to achieving such goals if need be.


All members of our community are welcome and often invited to participate in leisure activities outside of the rigors of battle. Creating deeper bonds that in turn strengthen our abilities as a group when its time fight again.


We explore every and all possible avenues of our surroundings as we seek out methods to improve upon and maximize the understanding of our craft.