House of Mantis - WoW Classic

Loot Rules

HoM utilizes a Priority Open Bid DKP system with a few modifications on it.

All raids will be Master Looted - Any items not distributed to members will go to the Guild Bank.

Earning DKP

  • Arriving on Time for Scheduled Raids (30 Minutes Prior)
  • Attending the actual raid
    • Fully Cleared Raids will be worth 100 Points
    • Raids that are canceled early may result in less awarded points (ie Hardstopped Progression attempts, unscheduled cancellation of raid, etc)
      • This includes leaving early as an individual as well as coming in to cover for someone who is leaving early.
  • Completing specifically requested tasks / providing requested materials/recipes to the guild (amount varies) - Tracked as Contribution.
    • ie - Creating your Warlock Summoning Alt
  • Attending unscheduled raids for OWPvP or WB contest (amount varies)

This system allows both high attendance raiders and casual attendance raiders to have competitive totals for bidding as there are more ways to help the guild flourish besides showing up and holding Frostbolt for a few hours.

Spending DKP

  • DKP will generally be spent during raids
    • Uncommon / Other Items
      • May be purchased for a Flat 10 DKP amount - First come, first serve
    • Rare and Above
      • Will only be allowed to be bid on by characters following the Class/Role Priority setting for said loot 
        • Bid increases are in increments of 5
        • Weapons/Trinkets base bids start at 60
        • Head/Chest/Legs base bids start at 40
        • Everything else starts at 20
        • All Bids or claims on First Come loot must be posted in the HoMLoot channel in game. (Ask for help if you don't understand how to join a channel)
  • Purchases from Guild Bank
    • Members may use DKP to make purchases from the Guild Bank
    • Conversion rates on a case by case basis

Decay / Caps / Deficit

  • There will be a weekly decay of 10% the day of the Weekly Reset
  • DKP is capped at 1000
  • If any item goes uncontested - any member may purchase it for base price, first come first serve. Members DKP total's may dip as far -200 by gaining items this way.
    • This allows new raiders to acquire upgrades still (or others to pick up off spec gear) and help prevent gear from rotting.