House of Mantis - WoW Classic

Thanks for your interest in joining House of Mantis

This is a PK/PvX and Community guild. We aim to clear all PvE content progressively and as quickly as possible to minimize the time spent in raids/dungeons and maximize time spent ganking others and participating in World PvP.
Please take note that while we do accept all types of players in this guild - everyone is expected to contribute in some way, shape or form towards these goals.

If interested - fill out the following form [ ] - once finished join our discord and one of our officers will be in contact with you. Please make sure you've read our guidelines and bring any additional questions you might have with you. [ ]

All players are expected to play an average of 20 hours per week to be considered a non-social player. You will not be marked as inactive if you are going to log in an hour or 2 a day and spend 3 months getting to 60 etc. Social players are more then welcome to join and hang out, but we need to know who will be present for content consistently and who will be a pleasant surprise if they show up :^)

Below you'll find our current raid recruitment priorities for WoW Classic. Your acceptance to our raid roster will be based on the status of your inquiring class (and that you pass our basic guidelines)

  • Low - We are not actively searching for these - will be accepting social players only of these types or players who understand that they'll be off-specing for possibly a long time
  • Medium - If certain classes become to inflated, we'll be slowing down on over recruiting on those types of classes, you're still welcome to apply, just be aware of high contest for gear.
  • High - We are actively recruiting these classes at this time.