House of Mantis - WoW Classic

House of Mantis Guild Policies & Charter

  1. Basic Policy
    1. All guild members are expected to follow basic HoM Community guidelines
      1. Rule Zero - Use Common Sense - trying to circumvent rules, exploit loopholes, etc will simply result in a "Fuck you" and removal from the guild
      2. Rule One - Each member of your House (Guildmates) are expected to put the benefit of their House (Guild) before themselves and any others. This is followed by backing up a Housemate before any outsider in any and all situations.
      3. Rule Two -Tolerance of a NonPC (Politically correct) environment. No one is expected to withhold their tongue and all topics and words are spoken freely here. Those that are easily offended, thanks for visiting. Besides this, all housemates are still expected to (generally) be respectful and supportive of each other - just not in a special snowflake kind of way.
      4. Rule Three - Be emotionally stable. We do not accept petty drama, irrational raging (both in-house and publicly) and eccentric attention seeking (ie If you think screaming into comms randomly all day for no reason when people are talking is funny - again thanks for visiting) We understand that things can get heated, especially in a guild where we find ourselves at odds and under duress quite often, but if you feel like you're spiraling towards such behavior, be mature enough to remove yourself from the situation and recollect yourself.
      5. Rule Four - Your word is the most valuable thing you have. Do not promise you're going to do something and then not do it. (ie No Scamming, Don't Accept an Important task and not deliver, etc)
    2. Reminder that HoM's Rule Zero is ALWAYS IN EFFECT over all other rules
  2. Public Relations
    1. All Entities listed as "Allied" are to be treated the same as a Housemate themselves, although not in favor of Housemates.
    2. A housemates personal friends not listed under "Allied" are not exempt from being targeted by the guild for any altercation. (This does mean you are expected to kill said friend should they end up on the opposite end of the guild in any event)
    3. Other then that - everyone else is free game for all types of griefing, non-consensual PvP and/or generally shenanigans. (Subject to Change)
  3. Member Expectations
    1. All Members (PvP, PvE, PvX, Social) are expected to participate/contribute to the guild to the best of their abilities. We do not prefer to make habits of whip cracking, but you give is what you get at the end of the day - and if you give nothing, why are you here.
    2. Members are expected to have mastered basic knowledge of their determined role is in the guild. (Crafters are expected to know what they need for crafting, raiders expected to know their roles, PvP pre-mades should know how to play their class) This can be done individually or through collusion with your housemates, but failing on multiple occasions to do what you're expected to do isn't the greatest idea for a good time.
    3. Everyone is expected to have a Warlock summon alt at some point and those interested in progression raiding will need alts for future loot funneling raids.
  4. Professions
    1. Heavy PvPers (And Tanks) are recommended (expected) to take Engineering
    2. The guild will have designated crafters for each category to funnel recipes to - everyone other then these individuals are free to do what they wish.
  5. Raiding
    1. Preparation
      1. Raids will begin forming 30 minutes before the starting time for that date. To be considered on time you need to be present with your required consumbales on hand and the correct spec - also use your brain and acquire some basic knowledge of the content beforehand. (Yes you are expected to farm enough gold for you to respec to an appropriate PvE spec before all raids)
      2. Consumables Raiders are expected to have: DPS Buffs/Class Buffs and Basic HP/Mana Pots
      3. Protection Buffs and Flasks will eventually be provided by guild over time - members will need extra preparation for initial raids however until then.
    2. Raiding Goals
      1. Tempo - All of the guilds primary raids are expected to show increases in efficiency and clear time over time. Spending less time between pulls and reducing amount of mistakes/raid wipes etc as time goes on is the goal. Yes this means we are min-maxing what we can to minimize the amount of time we are spending doing repetitive PvE content. All loot decisions are affected by this thought process as well.
      2. Minimal Breaks - A subsection of increasing raid tempo, but expect to have the designated time open when you plan to attend a raid. IRL emergencies are understandable, but multiple interruptions for minor instances will not be accepted. ALERT YOUR RAID LEADERS if you have to take a break, no surprise AFK's.
    3. Loot
      1. We will use a Loot Council to settle any unexpected loot disputes. Draws are settled by rolls if need be.
      2. Loot will otherwise follow a flat rate DKP open bidding system. Refer to [ ] for more info.
      3. Raid Spots
        1. Members in the top 20 of the Activity List are guaranteed their spot in raids on Raid Days (Priority Members). The rest of the raid will be filled out first come first serve as long as the member qualifies for the content we're clearing.
        2. We reserve the right to clear/substitute any raid member out for another on Progression raid days to increase chances of clearing content if need be.
        3. Missing 3 Raids days in a row marks you as Inactive regardless of your total. You must attend another consecutive 3 raids (Being on Time counts as "Attending") to be considered active again.
      4. Secondary Raids
        1. If numbers allow/raiders begin leveling their alts to 60 - we will schedule/create secondary raid groups as necessary to gear members quicker/loot funnel to mains.
      5. Reminder that the ultimate goal of all raids is to progressively clear all content and this goal will be held in mind when necessary.